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This is official as it’s gonna get.
Since I have no desire to subject myself back into hell- I’m instead going to defeat my wrist and come out on top with commissions.

  • Sketches- 5$ (1$ per additional character.)
  • Clean Sketches- 8$, (2$ per additional character.)
  • Lineart+ -12$
  • Flatlines + color (basic) - 15-20$
  • Clean flatlines + color (complex) - 25-40$
    • HIGH COMPLEXITY [paintings / etc] - 60-120$

Please contact me via email at or message me via DA note.

I WILL draw:
-Anything (OCs, furries, cutesy anime characters, your dog, a pineapple tree, etc.)
-Your secret fetish

I will NOT draw:
(e.g. gundams, mechwarrior, etc. I suck at straight lines.)
**Organic humanoid androids are fine, see: Chi, or Noa from Skydoll. Possibly Warframes.

For more complex things like complete paintings or concepts my rate is 8.00$ / hr

1. [ - comic work slot -]

1. sketch page 1 - 100% complete [paid]
2. sketch page 2 - 100% complete [paid]
3. sketch page 3 - 100% complete [paid]
4. tonights COM 1 100% complete [paid]
5. C.B 100% complete [paid]
6. tonights COM 2 ---100% complete [paid]
7. sewereagle COM --- 100% complete [paid]



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471-371 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2016
Hey! I miss you and your art.
I hope all is well; or at least that you've chased a few tornadoes since we last spoke. :peace:
The-Terminal-Show Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2016
Haven't made anything in quite awhile...or seen anything cool since that waterspout unfortunately lol.
471-371 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2016
Waterspout? Am I forgetting something? If not, do tell... I need to get caught up on your traveling exploits.

Yeah, I hear you though. I hate feeling pressured to draw shit just to submit it here.
The-Terminal-Show Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2016
Oh last summer I saw a waterspout in Florida off the beach.
Eh I don't really care about submitting stuff here lol. I just wish I could be productive but I don't really feel any driving passion so anything I make is pretty stilted and flaccid.
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